Snacks and Socks $25 each

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    • Box with pop up lid and ribbon

    • Your choice of sock pattern

    • Chocolate caramel popcorn with chips 100g Canada

    • Chocolate covered almonds 50g Canada

Her Time $45

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  • Gray/white box with ribbon

  • Air cheese bites 42g Canada

  • Granolust savoury granola 70g Canada

  • Coffee 45g

  • Assorted tea

  • Walkers chocolate chip cookies 45g

  • Chocolate drizzled popcorn with chips 100g Canada

  • Sweet Spot chocolates 30g NS

Treat Wine Crate $50plus cost of wine

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    • Rustic wood tray

    • 3 Godiva chocolate bars 90g

    • Pecan caramel dark chocolate 85g Canada

    • Canada true maple chocolate 100g Canada

    • The sweet Spot 3pc chocolate 30g NS

Olive Crate $60

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  • Wooden crate

  • Sable and Rosenfeld antipasto 250ml Canada

  • Sonoma Jacks cheese 114g

  • Carr's pepper crackers 125g

  • Brittle toffee milk chocolate 150g Canada

  • Spicy Italian olives 35g

Pepper Crate $60

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  • Wooden Crate

  • Castello pepper and garlic brie 125g

  • Blueberry pepper jelly 250ml NS

  • 2 Laura Secord fudge 50g Canada

  • Imperial snack mix with almonds 70g

  • Sweet Spot 3pc chocolates 35g NS

Pink Me Up $60

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  • Square crate with sliding lid

  • Cherrington ice wine chocolates 50g Canada

  • Noggins apple chips 45g NS

  • Loacker wafer cookies 45g

  • Fruit candies 50g

  • Coffee Masters dark roast 150g

  • Camping Yo socks

Pear Crate $60

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  • Wooden Crate

  • Organic sparkling juice 750ml

  • Castello brie cheese 125g

  • Water crackers 95g Canada

  • Salmon Pate 95g

  • Joseph's nutless clusters 22g Canada

  • Godiva milk chocolate bar 35g

Rose Bubbly $80

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    • White box

    • Rose bubbly 750ml

    • Spring floral napkins

    • Carr's water crackers 125g

    • Castello brie - refrigerate once opened 125g

    • Cranberry port compote 165ml Canada

    • New Scotland candle tin NS

    • Sweet Spot chocolates 35g NS

Dinner Crate 2 $100 plus cost of wine

    • Locally made wooden crate

    • Cookie it up shortbread 140g Canada

    • Elan coconut chips 125g Canada

    • Italian pasta 500g

    • Butter chicken sauce 250ml Canada

    • Castello brie cheese 125g

    • Salmon pate

    • Appleton chocolate truffles 60g NS

    • Chocolate toffee pretzels 45g Canada

    • Cherrington water crackers 95g Canada

    • Mild sausage 100g Canada

Divine $115

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    • Wired basket

    • Non alcoholic sparkling juice 750ml

    • Covered Bridge kettle chips 125g Canada

    • Walker's shortbread cookies 92g

    • Chocolate caramel corn 100g Canada

    • Dark chocolate Godiva bar 90g

    • Water crackers 125g

    • J&M Cheese Straws 70g

    • Castello brie cheese - refrigerate once opened 125g

    • Andea Salted caramels 125g Canada

    • Roasted red pepper dip 240ml Canada

    • Chocolate cranberries 50g Canada

    • 2 cream fudge 50g Canada

    • Maple milk chocolate 100g Canada

    • Replace cider with wine for additional cost

Picnic To Go $122 wine included

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  • Square wood crate

  • Small Peller estates wine

  • Insulated mug

  • Water crackers 95g Canada

  • Maple onion confit 230g Canada

  • Castello brie 125g - refrigerate once opened

  • Chocolate almonds 50g Canada

  • San Pellegrino water

  • Appleton chocolates 50g NS

  • Chocolate toffee pretzels 35g Canada

  • Mild sausage 75g Canada

Relaxing for Her $140

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  • Cherrington assorted candies 100g

  • Relax essential oil roll on 13ml

  • Laura Secord butter fudge 25g

  • Appleton chocolates 50g NS

  • 1 pair of socks

  • Tea Brewery tea 100g NS

  • Copper mule mug

  • Rock salt exfoliating bar