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Corporate Clients
Gift buying takes time and thought, that's why we are here. Choosing from our selection of online baskets makes your gift giving easy, memorable and satisfying, knowing you are giving the utmost in quality and presentation. Variations on these baskets is always an option. Just ask.
It's a Wrap Gift Baskets understands your need for customized gift giving on some occasions. We can design exclusively for your business, one of a kind gifts that represent your vision and branding. 
We have used hand made local products such as pottery, wood and glass, filled with fine foods, creating gifts that recipients love. Give us a call and we will work with you to design a unique gift from your business.
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                Vibrant                                         $30   Sold out
Our black box neatly packed with a divine assortment of treats is elegantly wrapped with vibrant spring ribbon. An affordable gift for many occasions.
-Savoury kettle chips                           -Toffee chocolate pretzels
-Chocolate shortbread cookies            -Assorted tea
-Maple blueberry jam                           -Chocolate pillow cookies
-Dusted chocolate cherries

                      Sold out
                                                               Rustic Retreat                       $45
rustic retreat
A new design on one of our best sellers. Packed full with chocolate, cookies, candy, cheese, crackers and more, this gift is easy on the budget but makes quite an impression. 
-Dark basket with handle                      -Brie cheese                                              -Crackers                                             -Toffee chocolate pretzels                           -Pirouline cookies                                -Candy cone                                               -Kettle chips                                         -Coffee                                                       -French truffles                                     -Footlong nuts

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                                                Cool Corporate                                  $56
cool corporate
Leave a memorable impression with this modern corporate looking basket. A great variety of tasty morsels to enhance a day at the office.                                               
-Rolled wafers cookies                           -Chocolate drizzled caramel corn                -Milk chocolate crisps                              -Garlic and Parmesan Pita chips                -French truffles                                         -Pistachio cranberry biscotti                       -Hazelnut wafers                                     -Jelly Belly bean                                         -Salt and pepper peanuts                       -Red pepper and orange jelly
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   Sweet Deal                                  $56
sweet deal
Distinguished and delicious this gift will be well received by anyone who appreciates the sweeter things in life.                                                                     
-Rectangular metal planter                    -Chicago mix
-Chocolate toffee pretzels                      -Black forest bark
-Sweet and salty nuts                            -Candy cone
-Jelly Belly beans                                   -Brie cheese                                              -Blueberry pepper jelly                           -Freeze dried fruit
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                                        Top Notch - small                                       $58    Sold out
top notch
These hand selected items are a tasty combination of chocolate, cheese and caramel nestled into one basket.                                                                                                        
-Large box of chocolates                                  -Peanut brittle                                            -Chocolate drizzled caramel corn                       -Savory cheese straws
-Gouda cheese                                                   -Jelly Belly Beans
-Dark chocolate wafers                                      -Chocolate toffee pretzels

                 Sold out
                                                                 Bold and Beautiful                             $66
Our newly designed vibrant still showcases the bright green container. Vibrant and bold this gift delivers on presentation, as well as on unsurpassed taste. 
-Chocolate caramels                                    -Cinnamon honey pretzels
-Focaccia crisps                                           -Pirouline rolled cookies
-Bruschetta topping                                      -Chocolate caramel corn
-Sonoma Jack cheese                                 -Salted pistachios
-Dark chocolate sea salt caramels


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