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                                                     The Cookie Box                   Small $25    Large/Tower sold out
Leave a memorable impression with our tasty selection of holiday cookies including Swiss chocolate cookies, two varieties of shortbread and Pirouline rolled wafers. Three sizes available; small, large or a tower of both.
Small Box                                                           Large Box
-8 Cookie it up chocolate chip shortbread         -Swiss chocolate cookies 
-6 dual packs of walkers shortbread                  -5 Pirouline wafer packs            -6 Cookie it up chocolate shortbread

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                                                    Pine cone                                                    $38
The spirit of the season shines with our festive gift basket offering a delicious assortment of chocolate and treats.
-Sweet Potato Chips                                            -Lindt Dessert Bar
-Gillian Licorice Candy                                        -Droste Chocolate Pastille            -Chocolate chip cookie                                        -Belgian Flaked Truffles  

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     Chocolate Toffee Pretzels                            $45   
pretzel jar
 A perfect office gift for sharing. Our festive tub comes stuffed with 25- 2 pack pretzels   smothered in milk chocolate and sprinkled with toffee bits. Each 2 pack is sealed in a   cellophane package for optimum freshness. Fantastic value for this upscale treat.

                                                   Snowdrift                                               $54                                 
Sending Holiday wishes has never been easier than with this festive basket. This gift boasts German gingerbread cookies, peppermint taffy  Belgian chocolate to complete the taste sensation plus more.
-Puff pastry twists                                      -Belgian chocolate thins
-Chocolate caramel corn                           -Glazed gingerbread cookies
-Footlong nuts                                           -Candy cane hot chocolate
-Roasted potato seasoning                       -Chocolate cashews
-Peppermint salt water taffy

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                                             Lanterna                                                      $55
Our lantern style box is a one of a kind gift. Measuring 9"x 9"x 12"our photo doesn't quite capture its size or presence. Trust us when we say this is a "Wow" box.
-Peanut crunch                                                 -Delice biscuits with nut cream
-Asiago cheese straws                                     -Nut and Berry milk chocolate bark
-Seasoned Pretzels                                          -Dusted German gingerbread cookies
-Chocolate covered jujubes                              -Mint Cocoa truffles


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                                                    Shareable Snack Tray                         $60
sharable snack tray
Bring Holiday cheer to any crowd or gathering with our shareable snack tray. Individually wrapped our selection of nuts and chocolate are fresh and ready for enjoying.
-Two bags of chocolate drizzled popcorn     -Selection of flavoured nuts
-Chocolate toffee pretzels                            - Mrs. MacGregor's local shortbread
-Natural almonds and pistachios


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                                           Holiday Cheer                                                $60
holiday cheer
Send Holiday wishes to a friend, client or relative with our vintage style container stuffed with treats to sweeten the season.
-Mint truffles                                                         -Italian baked cheese
-Pita chips                                                            -Pirouline rolled cookies
-Belgian flaked truffles                                         -Chocolate sponge toffee
-Butter tart caramel sauce                                   -Droste chocolate pastilles
-Scottish shortbread

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                                                   Good Tidings                                             $78
good tidings
Our linen basket holds s sweet and savoury selection of treats that not only look good, but taste good too.
-Savoury bread-sticks                                  -Late July Nacho chips
-John Macy's cheese sticks                         -Peanut crunch
-Seasoned pretzels                                      -Tago biscuits
-Footlong nuts                                              -Toffee candy and fudge
-Cranberry trail mix                                      -Chocolate chip shortbread
-Nut and Berry bark                                     -Pepper and lime salsa
-Maple apple butter

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                                              Yuletide                                                        Sold out
Overflowing with a scrumptious selection of Holiday fare, let this tapered basket send your best wishes for the season.
-Neal Bros kettle chips                                       -Savoury bread-sticks
-Dark chocolate sea salt caramels                     -Swiss chocolate biscuits                    
-Scottish shortbread                                           -Savoury nuts
-Dark chocolate peppermint bark                       -Sonoma cheese
-Caramelized onion and balsamic compote       -Hot Cocoa                                           -Chocolate peppermint marshmallow stick       -Chocolate caramel corn         
-Roasted pistachios                                            

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                                                    Holiday Wishes                                  Sold out
holiday wishes
Send fun wishes this Holiday season with this festive container packed with a decadent selection of snack foods for sharing.
-Box of dark sea salt caramels                   -Lindt peppermint truffles
-Chocolate caramel popcorn                      -Sweet potato chips
-Cajun nut mix                                            -Cinnamon toast nuts
-Pita chips                                                  -Pirouline rolled cookies
-Scottish shortbread                                  -Cranberry biscotti
-Blueberry maple jam                                -Hot chocolate
-Chocolate cranberries                              -Roasted pistachios
                  Order Now                          -Chocolate peppermint marshmallow        -Dark chocolate peppermint bark

                                                    Christmas Crate                                 Sold out
christmas crate
The charming appeal of this rustic looking crate is a perfect gift for families or groups to share. 
-Neal Bros chips                                         -Belgian chocolate crisps
-Pirouline rolled cookies                             -Assorted truffle box
-Chocolate caramel popcorn                      -Sanders pecan torties
-Bruschetta                                                 -Brie cheese
-Red pepper jelly                                        -Godiva raspberry chocolate
-Walkers shortbread                                   -Cinnamon toast nuts
-Clotted cream fudge                                 -Licorice sanded drops
-Dark chocolate caramel squares
                     Sold out
                                                Glitter Galore                                      $125
glitter galore
We've gathered some festive favourites and nestled them into a budget friendly gold box to create a gift that puts the focus on the food, but still wows in presentation.
-Lindt Dessert chocolates                          -Honey mustard nuggets
-Savoury cheese sticks                             -Lambertz chocolate biscuits
-Mixed nut brittle                                        -Footlong nits
-Seasoned pretzels                                   -Italian baked cheese snacks
-German gingerbread cookies                   -Chocolate dizzled caramel popcorn
-Dark sea salt caramel                              -Chocolate bourbon sauce
-Spiced apple cider mix                             -Hot chocolate
-Festive Mighty malts                                -Sonoma cheese                             
                                                                     -Balsamic bread dipper        
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holiday crowd pleaser
Holiday Crowd Pleaser       Sm - $80    Med - $130 (shown)    Lg - $200
Always popular year after year our crowd pleasers are a great gift for sharing in an office or a family. Available in three sizes each one is packed with a selection of foods ready to eat. A thoughtful way to say Thank you or send Holiday Wishes.
-Lindt dessert chocolates                           -German chocolate biscuits
-Mixed nut brittle                                        -Savoury cheese sticks
-Neal kettle chips                                       -Chocolate drizzled caramel popcorn
-Old fashioned cherry drops                       -Crispy Belgian chocolate thins
-Festive mighty malts                                -Gingerbread cookies
-Scottish shortbread cookies                      -Footlong nuts
-Dusted chocolate cherries                         -Brie cheese
               Order Now                      -Nutty Brazil toffee                                      -Red pepper and orange jelly
                                                      -Focaccia crisps

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