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We are currently unable to accept any orders right now due to a high demand for gift baskets and apologize for this inconvenience.

Snack Bag              $30
  • Haribo gummies 200g
  • Peppermint creams chocolate 100g
  • Pirouline rolled cookies 92g
  • Chocolate toffee pretzels 66g  Canada
  • Black Licorice stick 28g
  • Trail mix 28g

Wreath                      $58
  • White chocolate cranberry shortbread 140g  Canada
  • Belgian chocolate crisps 125g
  • Martin's apple chips 22g  Canada
  • Chocolate popcorn crunch 100g  Canada
  • Chocolate boardwalk crunch 85g  Canada
  • Cranberry pepper jelly 250ml NS
  • Two glazed pecan trail mix 56g
  • Raffaello coconut chocolate 43g
Savoury Wine Crate  $60 plus cost of wine
savoury wine crate
  • Crate is lighter in colour than one shown in picture
  • Maple truffles 120g  Canada
  • Castello brie cheese 125g
  • Water crackers 95g  Canada
  • Salmon Pate 60g
  • Walnut and fig compote 150g  Canada
  • Trail mix
Festive Flare                $95
  • Roshen 15pc chocolates 116g
  • Italian pasta 250g
  • Mulled cider mix 15g NS
  • Maple peanuts 200g NS
  • Two peppermint truffle cocoa mix 70g
  • Chocolate peppermint creams 100g
  • Butter popcorn 43g
  • Pepper bruschetta topping 314ml
  • Walkers butter shortbread 150g
  • Spicy Italian olives 24g
  • Milk chocolate bars 85g  Canada
  • Two chocolate toffee pretzels 66g Canada
  • Sydner's honey mustard pretzels 240g
  • Gilliam root beer candy 150g

Winter Delight               $140
winter delight
  • Roshen chocolate box 12pc  120g
  • Kettle chips 142g  Canada
  • Cows Creamery cheese pops 57g  PEI
  • Carrs water crackers 125g
  • Castello brie cheese 125g
  • Peppermint cream chocolate 100g
  • Synder's honey mustard pretzels 240g
  • Chocolate covered cranberries 60g NB
  • Chocolate salted pistachios 60g  Canada
  • Maple popcorn 100g  Canada
  • Lindt Chocolate bag 150g
  • Poblano lime salsa  350ml  Canada
  • Honey roasted nuts 140g  Canada
  • Dark chocolate peppermint bark 85g  Canada
  • Lotus biscoff cookies 150g
  • Covered Bridge movie butter popcorn 125g  Canada
  •  Two Raffaello coconut chocolates 85g
Holiday Extravaganza   $225
holiday extravaganza
  • Galerie assorted chocolates 250g Canada
  • Neal kettle chips 220g
  • Covered Bridge popcorn 125g  NB
  • Chocolate Belgian thins 125g
  • Cookie it up shortbread 140g  Canada
  • Maple popcorn 100g  Canada
  • Lure caramels 60g NS 143g
  • Macy cheese sticks 112g
  • Pirouline rolled cookies 92g Canada
  • LaMontagne chocolate pistachios 100g  Canada
  • Cow's Creamery cheese pops 57g  PEI
  • Chocolate caramel popcorn 175g Canada
  • Walkers shortbread cookies 150g
  • Carrs water crackers 125g 
  • Castello brie cheese 125g
  • Godiva chocolate 70g
  • Gillians root beer candy150g
  • Catherine's antipasto 250ml  Canada
  • Dusted chocolate cherries 100g
  • Raffaelo chocolate 45g
  • Laura Secord fudge 45g  Canada
  • Tart cherry and almond compote 160g Canada
  • Mulled cider spice 22g  NS
  • Gift measures 19" x 13" x 14"H
Shortbread Galore          $48
shortbread galore
  • Mrs. MacGregor's classic shortbread 180g NS
  •  Cookie It Up Shortbread - 3 Flavours:
  • White chocolate shortbread 140g Canada
  • Salted butterscotch shortbread 140g Canada
  • Milk chocolate shortbread 140g Canada
  • 5 chocolate chip individual shortbread  150g
  • Walkers pure butter shortbread  150g
Chocolate and Wine    $75 plus cost of wine
chocolate and wind
  • 16pc box of Galerie chocolates 250g  Canada
  • 2 Chocolate covered pistachios 100g  Canada
  • Sweet Spot chocolates 6pc  NS
  • 2 Lindt milk chocolate sticks 76g
  • Chocolate toffee pretzels 6pc  Canada
  • Maple crunch dark chocolate 100g Canada
  • 2 bottles of your choice of wine - Extra cost
 Savour the Flavour         $85
  • Container in photo sold out substituting with boat shaped basket

  • Chocolate covered pistachios 50g Canada
  • Honey mustard pretzels 280g
  • Tropical snack mix 80g 
  • Carrs crackers 125g
  • Artichoke Asiago bread dipper 150ml Canada
  • 100% cheese snacks 18g  Canada
  • Steak spice 40g  PEI
  • Cranberry Port compote170ml  Canada
  • Catherine's Antipasto 230g  Canada
  • Castello brie cheese 125g
Evergreen                   $85
sold out
  • Cow's creamery cheese pops  57g PEI
  • Covered Bridge popcorn  125g NB
  • Lindt chocolate 150g
  • Martelli peach and savignon jam 250ml
  • Chocolate peppermint creams  100g
  • St. Julie fudge  35g Canada
  • Sweet spot chocolate  32g NS
  • Rolled wafer cookies  30g
  • Walker's mint toffee  75g
  • Mrs. MacGregor's shortbread  180g NS
  • Martin's apple chips  22g Canada
Covid Grab and Go      $120.00
covid grag and go
  • 3 Cretors chicago mix 126g
  • 4 peppermint truffle hot chocolate 140g
  • 4 Cranberry trail mix 240g  Canada
  • 3 Noggins apple chips 135g  NS
  • 4 - 2pk chocolate toffee pretzels 132g Canada
  • 4 - 100% pure cheese snacks 72g  Canada
  • 3 Chocolate popcorn crunch 300g  Canada
  • 4 Cookie it up chocolate chip shortbread 120g  Canada
  • 2 Jelly Belly beans 56g
  • 4 Dolcetto wafer rolls 60g
  • 4 Godiva dark chocolate ganache heart bars 120g

 Rosy and Bright     $160 plus wine
rosy and bright
  • 16pc box of chocolates 250g  Canada
  • Noggins apple chips 45g NS
  • White chocolate cranberry shortbread 140g  Canada
  • Wonderful pistachios 200g
  • Carr's water crackers 125g
  • Caramel crunch popcorn 100g  Canada
  • Catherine's antipasto 250ml  Canada
  • Maple peanuts 200g NS
  • Cow's cheese pops 57g  PEI
  • Sonama cheese 113g
  • Garlic and herb brie 125g
  • Castello brie cheese 125g
  • Sweet beet red onion chutney 280ml  PEI
  • Sweet Spot chocolates - 6pc 60g  NS
  • Tropical blend trail mix 78g
  • Seasoned pretzels 113g